<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/31/99/44/34/180921115716.jpg?t=1553432687"><br>Property comes with a 6000 ft warehouse with two bay doors in great condition with 25 ft ceilings, 2 office spaces and living quarters above the office spaces. The living quarters come with a kitchen, dining area, full bathroom and space to partition off a living area and bedroom. The warehouse has half bathrooms for the warehouse employees, a half bathroom in the office. Property also comes with 2 apartments stacked on each other with an elevator and a large covered garage. The top apartment is complete with a kitchen, living area, 1 bedroom and full bath and function elevator. The first floor apt had a living area, bedroom, full bathroom and a kitchen that has to be finished out. The property has numerous fruit trees and irrigation water and approx 3.08 acres of undeveloped land.<br>